Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ask me about it

Ask me how is it to love someone who is scared of love?
Ask me how is it to choose black or white but always end up in grey!
Ask me how is it to hopelessly hope?
Ask me how is it to write pages full of conversations you wish you had.
Ask me how is it to be true to your feelings in silence?

Ask me how it feels trying to make things work which were destined to fail.
Ask me how it feels to be touched by someone without touching?
Ask me how it feels to un-love?
Ask me how it feels to love yourself less?
Ask me how it feels to miss the girl I was before he happened?

Ask me all about it and I shall write poetry.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Let's talk

Let's talk

Not of how much time it took to get home and that the traffic is so bad,
Not of what you and I ate for lunch.

Let’s talk something else..
Like the uncommon things between us, which is everything!

Let’s talk of music, I know that is what you like,
Music of the zephyrs and songs of the birds,

Let’s talk of paintings that make cities beautiful,
Paintings of thoughts and memories.

Let’s talk of the sheer you wear and scent of your hair,
Rays thru the light and whispers thru the dark.

Let’s talk of that one eye lash which falls to rest on your cheek,
That which aspires you to make a wish.

Let’s talk of the fingers and spaces in between.

Let’s talk of you.
Let’s talk of me. 

Friday, September 2, 2016


Lifetime is a myth
Let’s live in moments, however fragile they may be.

when you and me pulled some strings and unknowingly composed a tune,
when you and me thought we were on the same page of a book.

Moments that felt like a dagger piercing into my heart,
Moments that made you feel like love that never was.

Those moments
that have left a little of you inside me
a little of me inside you.