Wednesday, February 1, 2017

E-waste Mural Workshop

This post was long due and has been lying in drafts since August 2016.
Better late than never… and here it is out in February 2017.

Recently I met a senior architect in Mumbai and she shared her experience of making a mosaic flooring for the terrace of pediatric ward at KEM hospital in Mumbai many years ago. They had tough time convincing the authority the importance of an interactive mural for the paediatric department in the hospital. Similarly she said applies of corporate offices. As a design professional, you know what you seek in a project and explore in that direction, whereas, teaching and learning is always a multi directional and open ended exploration.

January 2013 was the first time I put myself in the role of a design mentor. It was a workshop based course at NID. Few students looked elder to me and I had a major depression on the first day! This of course was part of the fun of teaching, and simultaneously learning much more! After that I have been taking short courses at NID and NIFT.

After looking at the e-waste mural made by us at Concept Art, I was invited to take up a workshop in Royal College of Architecture, Guwahati. The theme for their annual function year 2016 being Reduce Reuse Recycle, making a mural from e-waste was quite appropriate a concept.
Teaching or taking workshops related to textiles and design is instilled by now, but here this was art.
Working on art in studio different and working on the same with 100 students is a completely different ball game. Students have their set of questions, excitement, ways to work and self explore… its just wonderful energy.  

Students had an elevation of Banaras skyline from their recent study tour and this was to be translated on a wall with e-waste as the material. Each material demands different techniques and finishes. That is what art is about, being open to all the questions and searching for answers in all directions which infact is actual learning. While working with students, what I learnt is that you need to build a sea of trust about their capabilities in them and then they will swim it along…

The Gang!