Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fresh Flowers

Pink pale and yellow! Love these roses that colored my dining today! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Motif Monday: When in doubt, use a paisley!

Paisley, being Indian at origin and having global fame is such a versatile and ingenious motif. It easily blends with floral, geometric, ethnic or even abstract patterns! So, when in doubt, use a paisley!! :)

More of paisley love here, here and here..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Rubber Band

Do you remember Sharuki and his Rubber Band from Movers and Shakers on Sony Entertainment Television about ten years back?!!! I remember!! His Rubber Band was do much fun! Hai na?!! Sharuki and his Rubber Band was the first thing I thought while composing a post for these colorful rubber bands I picked up from Staples. Such cool colors and ultra cool packaging!! It's a rubber band ball, all "Made in China".PS: No connection between Music bands and rubber bands except for the common "band"!! Don't know why the thought of Sharuki and his Rubber Band here??!!! :D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Runner Story + Wallpaper Wednesday

It is a fact! A found fact! I have mentioned this here. The placemats and runners that are sold in Crawford market "are" export rejects because of defects. Defects that you cannot make out, but I can ;)
During our discoveries last weekend, me and Dj encountered a whole godown storing beautiful runners, placemats, napkins, kitchen towels and much more... in the heart of the city, Crawford market. I picked up this multi-stripe runner from there! "Multi-stripe" is such an exportish word in textiles! All in spring-summer colors woven in Karur.
Well.. well.. have a look at the same runner here.
Yaay! It's a Pier 1 product and I have it just for 5.5 USD!! ;) I love Mumbai for this!!
And this also makes a colorful wallpaper for today!
Click on the image to download.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello March!

It's March already! And 2011 not being a leap year, has missed our "two months of wedding" anniversary!! But CeLeBrAtIoNs do not need dates :)

Last weekend was a "market roam around" weekend with my friend DJ. Dj is an architect - urban designer and has recently started blogging at City Doodles. She loves cities and we love to explore cities together. I have blogged few of our explorations here and here. City Doodles is an interesting architectural city-centric blog, you should visit, comment and follow!!

Both, me and Dj love to buy pretty stationery of any kind. And this time, we picked up these patterned binder clips from Staples and Landmark. Aren't these pretty?!! Bold Bright and Beautiful! Very Spring-Summer!!