Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Runner Story + Wallpaper Wednesday

It is a fact! A found fact! I have mentioned this here. The placemats and runners that are sold in Crawford market "are" export rejects because of defects. Defects that you cannot make out, but I can ;)
During our discoveries last weekend, me and Dj encountered a whole godown storing beautiful runners, placemats, napkins, kitchen towels and much more... in the heart of the city, Crawford market. I picked up this multi-stripe runner from there! "Multi-stripe" is such an exportish word in textiles! All in spring-summer colors woven in Karur.
Well.. well.. have a look at the same runner here.
Yaay! It's a Pier 1 product and I have it just for 5.5 USD!! ;) I love Mumbai for this!!
And this also makes a colorful wallpaper for today!
Click on the image to download.


Kapil D. said... [Reply]

Nice photos aarti. And you know what this is the "Sunset" Color pallet of Pier1. ;)

dj hanjabam said... [Reply]

I love them....and yeeeee

dj hanjabam said... [Reply]
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Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]


Ambily said... [Reply]

A great find :) Do you name of the shop or any landmark??

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

Hey Ambily. Thanks for stopping over my blog :)
This is no shop in particular. You will find many people carrying these on the crowded street of the white masjid of Crawford Market.

Ambily said... [Reply]

Thanks for the update :)