Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Rubber Band

Do you remember Sharuki and his Rubber Band from Movers and Shakers on Sony Entertainment Television about ten years back?!!! I remember!! His Rubber Band was do much fun! Hai na?!! Sharuki and his Rubber Band was the first thing I thought while composing a post for these colorful rubber bands I picked up from Staples. Such cool colors and ultra cool packaging!! It's a rubber band ball, all "Made in China".PS: No connection between Music bands and rubber bands except for the common "band"!! Don't know why the thought of Sharuki and his Rubber Band here??!!! :D


jisha said... [Reply]

aarti,your blogs so colorful, it must be making butterflies jealous :P hehehe!
Love the rubberbands, so fun!

Anu said... [Reply]

your photos are great! i never think of photographing these things.... and i too have a bunch of these bands... they look so beautiful, i dont feel like using them !

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

@ Jisha: lowee your lowelly comments :) XOXO

@ Anu: Thanks for the compliments on photographs :) Yea.. even i do not feel like using these rubber bands :)