Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thematic Rangoli: Save Water

Wishing all of you a very Happy and Colorful Diwali!!

During the festival of lights
; during Diwali, the rangoli just cannot be missed. Apart from food, rangoli was (and still is) one of the subjects of my interest. During my school days I always tried to be creative in some or the other way to make my rangoli different from others in the apartment. Thanks to my dear Aai (mother) for giving me full freedom in my naive creativity then!! Unfortunately, I haven't documented any of my rangolis before this and I really miss that!... for having done not the regular traditional patterns but some very creative stuff for which I fall short of words!! I can just say that joining the dots becomes really boring. I remember how I learnt doing the rangoli, filling colors in my own crude way and then finishing it in a more cruder way!! Oh! This is getting too nostalgic now...but I'm liking it! Or should I put it as 'I'm lovin it!' I had also done a huge peacock rangoli for which i had won a second prize in school and my uncle had gifted me some valuable money for having done real fabulous work!! Ok! enough of self praising...

Since yesterday, Aai is after me saying, "Aarti, tomorrow early in the morning you have to do the rangoli in the porch", and she has repeated this for more than ten time and I am not exaggerating!! Well... well... then today morning I successfully did the rangoli part of my job and came up with a design shown in pictures below...

Weird, is it?!! May be! Or very creative!! Confused??!!!

Thanks again to Aai for supporting my sooper creative thoughts for this rangoli! I just do not know why I thought of this but it just occurred to me like a spark and without giving it a second thought I completed it. And I am telling everyone passing by this piece of my art that, “Save Water- is the theme of this rangoli.” and no need to explain further… :D :D :D

Not bad! Not bad! Some kind of thematic rangoli!!


Patricia Torres said... [Reply]

that is such a pretty rangoli.. I like the save water theme!!!

what about the peacock??

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

Oh! the peacock one was done during school days...many years back!!

Sita Laxmi Mani said... [Reply]

love the whole pattern filling idea inside water droplets. real nice aarti!

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

Hey thanks Sita! I love when you comment.. :)

Dushyant said... [Reply]

Its really goodo one! I think we can start marketing of Rangoli Designs too! :)