Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Sapling Project

When I am asked, “Aarti, how do you pass your free time??” first I wonder do I have free time??!!! And then the thought of me having a blog, me blogging and and my co-bloggers occupies the space making it lively!! Thus, last night when I was passing some of my leisure time in a very constructive manner… I read about The Sapling Project.

...and thought it would be just great to do some good deed on the occasion of Republic Day. So, after making three phone calls… I got a company on the fourth call I made to Amol. I was glad to have a “C” company and I’m sure even Amol was more than pleased!!

We caught the ‘sapling’ van at Shivaji Park and had an amazing 1.5 hours of time meeting new and enthu people, distributing saplings: ashoka and neem, and convincing people to plant them. Just loved it! It was our first time and I’m sure the next time would be more fun!! Hope many of you join too…


More info on The Sapling Project here.

You can also find it on FaceBook and Twitter.

Sharing some pictures of the fun we had today morning...

I like what is written on the website: "We don’t want to change the world or end economic sanctions in Zimbabwe, we are working towards a simple mission, to plant and share plant saplings to one and all in different parts of our city."

Started from a few...

... gradually moved on to many and more...

When we Go Green!

Amol @ The Sapling Project

Happy Republic Day!!


Anu said... [Reply]

Great work, Aarti!! thanks for posting this.. and to think that i hadnt even heard of it!!!

jisha said... [Reply]

Great thought aartoos!... what a nice thing to do! proud of you! :)

vapunde said... [Reply]

Great Job Done ..!

malhar sawant said... [Reply]

vrukshavalli amha soyare van chare

Patricia Torres said... [Reply]

Well done.. Lovely!! Great pics.. and am truly amazed by the Sapling project... Off to check their site!

Deepa Raman said... [Reply]

i like to explore new blogs...read some of ur blog..the smocked cushions are lovely..the sapling project is a great thing

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

Thanks everyone!
You should sign-up on thesaplingproject.com to get updates for further programs so that even you can be a part of it next time onwards

smrithi rao said... [Reply]

was part of a similar event here in bangalore ! great feeling isn't it?:)