Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scottish Wool

It’s been quite a long time that Vaishali is back from London. She was waiting for her cargo to arrive and I was waiting for what is there for me in that!! The cargo arrives and gets for me some awesome samples of woven Scottish wool. Fulled herringbone mufflers in red and beige… just loved them. Though it is never winters in Mumbai, and that I have had the maximum experience of winters for three seasons in Ahmedabad, I surely look forward to spend more nice chilly days to flaunt around with these mufflers.

Herringbone Weave 

These are made in UK from of 100% lambs wool. Scottish wool reminds me of things learnt during academics about landscape of Scotland being very suitable for nurturing and growth of sheep and lambs. Some story also says that the Greek hero Thesus had to enter a labyrinth to fight the devil, he took along a ball of wool and dropped the thread as a trail on his way inside so that it will help him get back rightly and safely. This is the kind of significance wool has in Scotland. This story is similar to what Sita did when Ravana dragged her to Lanka. One by one she dropped her jewellery on the way so that Lord Rama would find it and then make his way to rescue her.

Fringe and edge detail

These are not woven on as short width. Woven as broader widths and then are customized to various sizes. The muffler does not have a selvedge and neither a hem at the long side. A single stitch line completes the finish with the weft yarns making a nice detail on its own. The beautifully worked rolled fringes on the short sides add value and the fulling or brushing of the fabric keeps the edge and the fringes intact.

Also tried to be a bit creative with the camera… here are the results!

The best thing to gift me is a piece of textile typical and special to any place on earth! Thanks Vaishali!! :)


Kapil D. said... [Reply]

Well description aarti, Hats off...

Anu said... [Reply]

they really look great!!! must be very soft, right????? and good photos too...

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

@ Kapil: Thanks :)

@ Anu: Yes, they are indeed very soft and comfy!! :)

Rujuta said... [Reply]

sweets, I loved this article. Indeed insightful. You have blended various topics in a very beautiful and subtle way! :) keep writing you rock!

vaishali said... [Reply]

wow aarti amazingly writen and I am so glad you liked it. I know you and your contious efforts to beautify and appricate every small detail of life, it was really difficult for me to choose someting for you.

thank you for such a stright and up to the mark writing keep it up. I enjoy your blog a lot. all the very best