Sunday, January 30, 2011

Co-blogger meet: Neha Gandhi of Matsya

Many a times, I do click the "I'm attending" button, on events received on FB, and hardly attend any! But today, I made it a point to attend the event at the Farmer's market in Bandra where Neha Gandhi of Matsya Crafts was exhibiting her "eco" products.
Sharing some pictures of Neha's exhibit here...
Mostly from Kachchh, the products included beautiful ajrak printed bags, hand embroidered pouches, hand painted wall decor and terracotta lamps, decorative danglers and much more. All handcrafted and awesomely finished!
Here is Neha interacting with a customer...
And here is "me" with Neha :)
What inspires me is Neha's unbound level of energy and her involvement and dedication towards Indian crafts and crafts-people!
Links to Matsya Crafts here and here.
Some more pictures of the Farmer's Market "eco" exhibition follow...

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