Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hometown Love

I believe in IDEAS. I believe in FUN.
Therefore, I believe in FUN IDEAS!

{Hometown LOVE + Fabric LOVE + LOVE for Bags}
{FUN + More FUN+ Much More FUN}

This equation is illustrated here...
Colorful and trendy, patterned and smart is what adds to this new "RECYCLED" development. Let me know what you think!
How about calling this line of products as "SOCH". SO for Solapur and CH for Chaddar!
I have thought of few more things for SOCH, those would be in different sizes, different shapes and different tastes too :)

More on Solapur Bags here.


Yogesh said... [Reply]

Love Love Love your nice...I am Floored by your Brillance...I wish I was You


Kapil D. said... [Reply]

hmm... good pics taken.. keep it up aarti