Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holi & Happiness

In a newsletter from Sanjeev Kapoor, I read the recipe of Carrot Jam. Sounded exciting and healthy as well! Ingredients were pretty basic except from something called as "pectin". In search of pectin, I discovered many other interesting aspects in the world of ingredients. But unfortunately couldn't source the pectin **sigh**sigh** 
Today, being the day of colors, I thought I should make the carrot jam be it without pectin. And here it happens...! I don't want to praise myself, but husband says "it's yummy"! :)
Find recipe here, though I have made my own version of the jam garnished with sliced almonds and colorful sugar balls from Arife La Moulde @ Crawford Market
While I was googling for pectin, I read about edible glitter. Exciting! I wanted to have one pack for myself and in search of this I reached Arife La Moulde, Shop # 556, Crawford Market, a shop that keeps the very famous edible glitter manufactured by Wilton in the US. But **sigh**sigh** it was out of stock. And instead of the edible glitter I bought these edible colorful sugar balls to make my dishes colorful. 

It's the arrival of spring and its the 
Holi Happiness! 
Loads of wishes to all of you on the festival of Colors! 
Happy Women's Day! 
to all the women of the world.

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Soumya Menon said... [Reply]

Awesome!!!!! Looks Super Yummy! <3