Sunday, June 2, 2013


Last week on our way to Nashik, we took a halt near Kasara for refreshments. And we were refreshed by the wonderful karvanda also called as kali maina in Marathi.  Wikipedia describes karvanda here.

From the family of Plums and also categorized amongst one of the smallest fruits, these yummy things were packaged in ingenious baskets made using 2 leaves. I haven't seen the shrub of this fruit so I'm not sure whether these leaves are from the same shrub, but these completely natural leaf baskets are awesomely genius! The leaf stems are twisted together to make a handle, the leaves properly folded to have a conical shape are put together by stitching twigs onto them.

Couldn't take more pictures are Mahesh hurriedly bought 2 of these and made me rush back :)

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