Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I am not a perfectionist

I am not a perfectionist

When I fold towels, I always match the corners
When I do my bed in the morning I make sure the sheets are flat without any bump
When I cut vegetables, I cut them all in same size
Sometimes I cut paneer in triangles
I don't cut fruits.
I eat them just like that.

I am not a perfectionist
I fail…

I fail with love
I fail…
to understand
to bridge the gap
to take the first step
to rekindle the spark
to love again.

And the worst of all is
when I fail
to be

Sometimes it is alright to fail. Not everything works every time, isn't it?
It is alright to break free at times
to go on a blind date and kiss in the middle of the road.
to raise your hand and say – Yes, I am in love again!

It is okay to hold back 
It is okay to keep thoughts confined

Listen, stop!
Stop aligning the stars.
How much more should I break myself trying to piece together what is broken?
It is alright to give up.

Yes, it is absolutely alright
not to be a perfectionist
and fail.

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