Friday, July 24, 2009

Besides the Taj

A lot is said and read about the Taj, therefore this post is about few things besides the Taj.

Besides the Taj Mahal in Agra and beyond the river Yamuna, there is a small structure of Mughal Architecture which loses the significance of its existence by being sited besides the spectacular Taj Mahal. Everyone going to the Taj is mesmerized by experiencing its grandeur and beauty. Certainly it’s a superb example of artistry and craftsmanship with a great deal of personal life connections of India’s glorious history. Look what is happening… I started by writing that I will not mention anything about the Taj, just a mere hint and its magnificence takes over everything.

The Taj Mahal seen from the Agra Fort

As a part of a study tour, I visited Agra and thus the Taj. When we were in the Taj place, many of friends were very restless to paint their canvases with lots of white and I guess most of them missed the splendid experience. But yes, I do not deny that artists have their own share of experiences with their colours, brushes and canvas. I was rather lost in the art aroma it is known for. However, I did not miss to make a Taj Mahal on paper, but made it from the Agra fort.

As I was being drenched by the beauty of the Taj, I was also fascinated by this structure which reflects its red sandstone in the river Yamuna just besides the Taj. Very secluded and very calm an experience, compliments to that of the Taj.

Batik Art: Besides the Taj

I do not know the reason of its existence there, but I do believe that it must have had a great deal of significance in the past. In the landscape of the taj, this small structure is seen to its left. I unknowingly painted this and realized it much later!


The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Besides the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower in Mumbai, there is a place, an office, a design studio where sincere Aarti works, and opposite to her office there is Bademiya!! Bademiya Seekh Kababs! A very famous street side food stall opens at 7pm and is on till 2am. Whenever Aarti works over late evenings and nights, she grabs one of the seekh kababs to keep up her energy; however it is a vegetarian kabab! Bademiya has a variety of veg kababs, unlike the Khan Chacha (from the Khan Market in Delhi) who serves just one variety of veg kabab, and nonetheless it’s the paneer tikka roll. As one of my (non-veg loving) friend comments that the vegetarians have over exaggerated (exagger-eated) the panner! But Bademiya is not this types; panner is a choice amongst many more. And also to be mentioned is his separate veg-cooking counter. It’s amazing.

The take-away menu. Pardon the Colaba spelling here.

preparation in progress...

Also, never go at 7pm, as he is busy in preparations and will not entertain you much. More late you go, more early you will get your kabab! The next I visit Bademiya, I will upload some more yummy pictures!


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Hey I loved the Batik print great work. And loved the Kebab description, though it left me craving for them ;).

Devika said... [Reply]

hi look at him hw he is possing 4 u.

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

@ Devika: he will realize the importance of this pose later!! ;) :D

Devika said... [Reply]
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