Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kirigami Snowflakes

Crafty Christmas! Snowflake is a nice dynamic Christmas motif. Having a 3D geometry, the snowflake motif is always shown in a hexagonal 2D geometric shape. Working on the Christmas concept with paper, I crafted a few kirigami snowflakes but in an octagonal shape. Folding and cutting paper to get an eight angled snowflake is easier than getting a six edged. I preferred the easier way out and it was good fun folding and cutting paper to get different shapes each time you unfold it.

Technique inventors… Japanese are smart people. I am familiar to a few A few Japanese techniques like origami, kirigami, shibori, sashiko. I’m sure there are many more. They also have amusing and bewitching names like wabi sabi, fuva fuva, boro boro, shimi zimi etc. all of which are great design inspirations.

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Devika said... [Reply]

I remember when u joined here this all whre the snowflakes motif with which u use to play and roam around with scirror and paper in our department.