Monday, November 9, 2009

Kashmiri Hastakari- Bags

Sling Bag

Hand Bag

Today, I got these bags as gifts! From Srinagar!! I have a pouch of Kashmiri wool aari embroidery on a white base. Such embroidery on white cotton base is very common. Here, the embroidery is done on dyed and patched leather. It has an awesome texture. And to add, the colors are very typically fall colors of this season: aubergine, mauve and true red with brown, black and olive greens and accent of mellow rose. I love these bags!


Dushyant said... [Reply]

Its really good one! Lucky to get such beautiful gifts !!

jisha said... [Reply]

wow :)

Aayushi Jindal said... [Reply]

wao!!!!!!! very butiful bags....who gifted dm....damn nic aarti....lucky grl....

please write mre on d embroidery, fabric, clors....wuld luv 2 read more abt it :)

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

@ Aayushi:
*Blush Blush* :)
We should get serious about our 'Hastakari' blog for details on the craft works.

Aayushi Jindal said... [Reply]

y r u blushing so much..... :)
ya i knw aarti i so wntd 2 wrk on HASTKARI bt dis office yar......nywz v hv 2 n no excuses :)

AswathiBabu said... [Reply]

Great collection of bags..very nice