Saturday, April 10, 2010

Go Bananas!!

Go Bananas over the the weekend!!
... and truck loads of them!!!

Crates full of bananas are unloaded at the Crawford market early in the morning and are distributed to the fruit sellers all over the market. Not only bananas but any fruit or vegetable for that matter and I got a chance to capture this in my camera.
This inspires me to make a pattern full of bananas. Will work on it soon...


Kapil D. said... [Reply]

Nice Post Dear

Aayushi Jindal said... [Reply]

eager to see the patterns....:)

jisha said... [Reply]

aartooos! I just loove your love for simple things! :)

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

@ Kapil: Thanks

@ Aayushi: You will see it soon..

@ Jisha: I like your comment :)