Friday, April 16, 2010

Water explorations

Water water everywhere! Not a drop to drink!!!

Something similar is happening here. Its been more then a week I've come to Solapur and the water here is of all colors and not what it has to a actually be. Too many impurities, too many sicknesses, too many water diseases, too many patients, too many bucks in the doctors pocket, too many water purifiers in the market, too many people to buy them, too many in competition... in-short too many things happening here. Every housewife talking to the other about how impure is the water today, parents instructing their kids not to have water outside, newspapers full of contaminated water new, people complaining about their water purifiers not working... everyone is talking and walking about water; impure water!!

Here is an ode to the want of some pure water...
Some pure water... PLEASE!!


Yogesh said... [Reply]

You are a STAR....You know how to MILK the COW very well...
10 years from Now...when u Big n Famous...Hope u Remember me...
Keep doing..what u do...


vapunde said... [Reply]

Really Nice Work !!!