Friday, July 30, 2010

Raja Rani Vazir

Sawantwadi is known for its hand crafted wooden toys. The now-queen of Sawantwadi Rani Satvasheela devi, herself is an artist and artlover, and enjoys patronizing some wonderful arts and crafts. These crafts include the art of making and playing Ganjifa (cards) and crafting the board game of chess.
Conceptualized by the Queen herself, the two sides of black and white are turned into colorful red and green made of wood and hand painted with decorative designs. I love this colorful chess! So tiny and skilfully crafted! Raja (king), rani (queen), vazir (viceroy), mavla (soldier), hatti (elephant), ghoda (horse) and unta (camel) all are present in the force. These are specially made only in the Rajwada under the guidance of Rani Satvasheela devi and is also available in their shop for Rs 3000/- per set.
(Couldn't get much better and more pictures)

Did not buy these :P but got some nice wooden toys from the local market.
Posts on Ganjifa and Sawantwadi toys coming soon..

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babalisme said... [Reply]

Interesting pieces! makes me wish I know how to play chess.