Sunday, July 25, 2010

Smallest Snail

AB is back, all refreshed and rejuvenated from a monsoon trip to Konakan with lot of inspirations and explorations with nature!!

After a lot of rice-farming fun in the fields, I was getting a little cleaned up and what I discover is a real tiny baby snail wandering on my palm. Yeaa!! Indeed it is the season of snails, but not all snails are as beautiful and as enjoyable as this one was! All soft and transparent, slow and steady, sticky yet fun!!
After a lot of photographing and playing around with it on my hand I dropped it on a leaf for more of its adventurous explorations with nature...

One of my snail pattern is here..


Anu said... [Reply]

nice one! i have a few pics of these snails too, but dont have the guts to take one of them on my hand!!!

Patricia Torres said... [Reply]

Very nice pics... So small ... so cute!! I think its gorgeous.. but am not so sure about holding it.. You are very brave!

Kapil said... [Reply]

Its nice one aarti. I LIKE IT.

AswathiBabu said... [Reply]

really commentable