Friday, May 27, 2011

from Meghalaya to Mumbai

Two months of Meghalaya! Feels like this time was too short and has quickly passed... and the end of two months has brought me back to aamchi Mumbai, I like it as aapli Mumbai!
Things changed for past two months and now are back to being usual!
View from the Cherrapunjee Circuit House
I am back...
from Meghalaya to Mumbai
from high altitude to sea level
from hills to plains
from rivers to the sea
from winter to extreme summer
from pine trees to coconut trees
from room heaters to air conditioners
from woolens to cottons
from clouds in the sky to skyscrapers
from ever turning roads to endless flyovers
from ML 04 to MH 04
from no street lights to the hoarding diwali
from MRDS to MMRDA
from Jowai to Powai
from Tynrong village to Thakur village
from Police bazaar to Crawford market
from Laitmukhra to Linking road
from jadoh to masale bhat
from fresh water fish to salt water fish
from plucked lychee to Rs. 6O for a dozen...
A typical Mumbai picture with the heritage architecture of CST
from research work to development work!
And this reminds me of my pending work. It is high time I get back on the Mumbai track!
But I love being back home and also miss the time there!
Will keep posting about Meghalaya till I have subjects which make interesting posts... and I promise not to bore you by that!

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