Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Khublei Shibun

Khublei Shibun means "Thank you very much" in Khasi language. This is the first khasi word I/we (me and Soumya) learnt and is the most pleasing and helpful too.
To admire the overwhelming greet, cooperation and friendship by the lovely people (now friends) of Meghalaya, we made a few Khublei Shibun cards. Here are a few of them...
Khublei Shibun to Ali bhai- the best cook, Shyl Sema- the stylish friend, Sir Hajong- the helpfullest, Bah Pariat- the IIM A man, Peter Marbaniang- the NIDian, Anushka Sharma- the designer, Sujeena Manpoong- the Guwahati friend, Morcha Pde- the SIM friend, Carlo Marbaniang- the architect friend, Mandy- the engineer friend, Ashok Elwin- the well known, Mr. Ladi- the sculptor, Mr. Febby- the NIFT fac, Dorjee- the NIFT fac, Jonathan Rymbai- the busiest man, Ricky- the cool company, Harmless- the non-harmful, Kong Baliyan- the doer of all things, Sir Deepak Chanda- the precise man, Madam Passah- the only madam, Kentiew- the manager, Kong Nian- the enthusiast 1, Hiebhah- the young energy, Dr. Joan- the lady with details, Fomley- the bike rider, Ruati Darnei- the designer, Oriland- the new friend, Mr. Good Year- the good taxiwala, Diana Jathang- the friend, Kong Nampui- the Saipung lady, Mr. Nampui- the Saipung man, Mr. Mangaya- the guide, Jenny- the best friend 1, Chuani- the best friend 2, Sanga Sir- the enthusiast 2, Rema- the cool school teacher, Chungnumga- the secretary, Sumarsing Sawiam- the traditional expert, Teilang Khyriem- the almost busy man, Mang- the perfect entertainer, Bless- the on phone man, Buh- the Sunday awaiting man, William- the best driver, Riew- the never-been-out-of-Meghalaya man, Riaz Bhai- the first and best taxiwala, Sujeet bhai- the exploiting taxiwala, Rashid bhai- the nice taxiwala, Bah Mahesh- the cool dude, Mr. Diengdoh- the Ribhoi expert, A. Khonglam- the in office man, Mr. Bang- the man in office, Pochester Kharkongar- the bureaucrat, Eson- the smart man, Kong Balbara- a typical character, Balawan- the sweet chap, Kong Rikynti- the friendly lady, Ivoreen- the married mystery, Thup- the silent man, Ilis Kramsa- the enthusiast 3, Yar- the Saitsama madam, Bercy- the cousin, T. K. Darnei- the Saipung help, Mayfereen- the NGO lady, Arun Diengdoh- the brother in law, Mr. Yake- the name mystery taxiwala and the countless taxis between Jowai and Ummolong and many more people.

Kublei Shibun to the unlimited pack of Lays- cream and onion, Maggi cuppa mania- chilli chow yo, the bakeries in Jowai, Amul butter and Kissan mixed fruit jam, Britania good day biscuits, Bisleri water and the dal-chawal and alu fry of 5 Stars dhaba for surviving us in Jowai. Khublei shibun to Cafe Shillong, Centre Point, Bread Cafe and Subway for making a difference in Shillong!

Khublei Shibun to all those who have made this trip fantabulous and unforgettable for us!
We love Meghalaya!

Aarti :)

KHUBLEI is the word to wish well, KHU meaning bless and BLEI meaning God, from the depth of the heart and soul. (Ref.: Golden Vine of Ri Hynniewtrep- The Khasi Heritage by Sumar Sing Sawian)


Kapil D. said... [Reply]

Big military of friends..... again nice post... like it

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

I like when you comment Kapil :)