Friday, May 29, 2009

The Advent of Monsoon

Monsoon was fun and is fun in different ways..

Flipping through some of my erstwhile photography, I found this image and the memories of the four years of Marine drive were revitalized especially moments during the monsoon. Friends and fellows having had this experience will rightly understand what exactly I am trying to say in the unsaid words.

The above photograph explains the play of light a few minutes before the sunset along the Mumbai skyline.

A few years ago, monsoon for me was about landscape paintings with lots of difficult greens, then designing fun T-shirt prints for the monsoon trip with another set of colours and strokes on the canvas. This inclination towards brushes and colours was the influence of having artist friends all around. Now, the artist friends remain but the context has changed, the influences are still the same but the consequence is different. Though I miss painting a landscape in the fields, I do enjoy making textures and patterns with a pencil, paper, scanner and a computer.

Images: Left: Landscape painted at Badlapur (2005), Right: T-shirt print design (2005)

Images: Print/Pattern designs inspired from water (2008).

The process is a playground with play of brush strokes in the Van Gogh style, oil pastel renderings, doodling like the kids, some market visits and some art galleries, sometimes joining the dots and sometimes making the lines straight but all in a particular context and the context makes the design significant.

Awaiting this monsoon for some fresh inspirations and innovations...

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