Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Ice-cream Cone

The ice-cream cone was created by Ernst Hamwi in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair. He was selling waffles and next door to him was an ice-cream vendor who ran out of dishes. He rolled a waffle to put the ice-cream in and the rest is history.

(From the book 'How to have kick-ass ideas’ by Chris Barez-Brown)

Images: Natural's Ice-cream, Matunga (E)

Indeed an interesting history!

Today most of us do not enjoy the ice-cream without the cone!

Passing by a road with ‘Natural’s Ice-cream’ on the side, I encountered a person making waffle cones and thus could connect to the earlier read fact. It’s not even a one minute job! Very interesting to look at! The process of making is shown in the above images.

Edible Containers
'Necessity is the mother of invention' stands true in this case. Ice-cream cones are edible containers, first in the history. Up till now not much milestones have been achieved in this area of innovation, but there are a few which can be found on google.
My aunt, once had cooked a preparation which she called the 'katori chat'. It was actually the chat in a katori. But whats so special aboout this?! The katori is edible!! Wow!

Such an amazing idea! also super sustainable! I can imagine going to a chowpatty to have some chatpata chat! I finish the whole chat then roll up the plate like a tissue paper or something and eat it...its done! (tissue paper is not a good metaphor I guess) No washing business and not even plastic or pater waste to be dumped. And then you can even have edible chopsticks. Eat your noodles with a bite of chopstickes. Once it is over, select a new flavour of chopsticks for yourself. Thats sooper cool che!

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