Thursday, June 25, 2009


Oh! The Big Recession! Everyone on earth is using this as an excuse for anything and everything. God! help everyone! The world is going to end soon!

Some of my observations and experiences say that: Artists are the most affected in this super recession period.

New inspiring visuals with colours and textures envisaging into new patterns and textures, this is how I perceive an art exhibition. I am a regular visitor of the very well known Jehangir Art Gallery. It is like weekly refreshment. I simply love to take a round and then give it a post-visual thought. And the 'red dots' at the corners are an added excitement. It’s an enriching experience. But unfortunately during the past three to four months it isn’t the same. No red dots, no inspiring visuals and no excitement at all. (The red dots are exceptionally for the well known ones.) I've known people canceling their names from the Jehangir list, otherwise a at Jehangir is a 'dream' for every artist. It's really disheartening. People buy art as an investment. But today do they have enough money to sustain their lives first and then think of investments. It is the clam before the storm or the storm before the calm; depends on how things are looked at. Keeping a positive and optimistic attitude (as always recommended), recession is an event which will close down; it is not the end of the world. And such events keep happening... its a dynamic life.

Well, after artists another friend of mine says that the Automobile designers are the most recession hit. No jobs available. Companies have stopped launching cards blah..blah... Now the friend being from a travel and transportation field speaks his context out.

Some other interesting statements in this relation that I have come across are:

A friend says, “Two big paintings were sold out… that too in recession period!"

(I’m still wondering whether this was a compliment or a comment, an expression of wonderment in appreciation or abhor)

A photographer friend says, "There's no work these days!", "Khup struggle ahe life madhe." (life is full of struggle) Good that textile is easy and without any struggle.

(Huh! Who says textiles is without any struggle? Well, what’s the point if there is no struggle in any field I say?)

Boss says, “You know the market these days, but I am ready to take a risk.”

(That means, do anything but give me good results)

The news reads that: TCS saves millions by applying some cost-cutting measures. It relocates the staff abroad back to India.

This means India saves a lot of money. East or west India is the best!!

How much ever the recession has struck the world, India will celebrate Diwali with no less fun!

So… Desi ghee ke laddu or the Swiss rum chocolates? What would you like to have?

Joke of the Recession!

This is worth! I read it somewhere, I don't remember.

Aunty (complains): My bahu (daughter-in-law) is having problem conceiving.
Aunty's friend (worried): Why any medical problem?

Aunty (sighs): This Recession!

Now, nothing can be more recessed than this! :)

(contribution: Aayushi)


aayushi said... [Reply]

very true........i completely agree....earlier ppl use to complain abt their luk for evrythng now its recession.....

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

its the bad luck hi kharab hai types!! :)

dushyant said... [Reply]

this generation has seen recession for the first time in past we had many worst recession than what we r having now. What we should learn is to save which this generation dont accept it i know