Friday, June 19, 2009

Hussain? Dali?? or a Beer?!

Quadrilaterals on the faces and solids in the spaces

Red dots cornered or blank within the wholes

Inspirations or the ever offered discriminations

Unclear histories but the clear stories

Scatty optimism with sorted words

Long lost friends or the friendless mates

Hugs and kisses touched no heart but bridged a part

Illusion or non-fiction; the unconcluded conclusion

Shows and not Offs ultimately the show-offs

Hussain? Dali? or a Beer?

No worry, it’s chilled my dear.

(non-rhyme prose: Reaction)

I have started enjoying 'writing' these days. Writing anything. Literal words mean a lot and speaks out everything. It is a super stress buster I feel. Well, this is not a post-stress writing....but ya some confusing things and no-things.

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