Thursday, October 7, 2010


Bebinca - The Goan SpecialityI missed it the last time I had been to Goa. But this time, my mom went and I asked her to get it without fail. Had tasted it earlier when my friend Dj had got it... but this time I wanted to explore it completely and so this pack of :) I like the name 'Bebinca' It so different! A little difficult to remember at the first go..but later that's the only word you keep on saying! This happened with me :D

Bebinca is popularly known as the Queen of Goan sweets, it has a rich golden brown color and an enticing flavor.
A multi-layered sweetness that melts in the mouth. A Goan specialty that is relished all the year round.
Made from maida, eggs, sugar, coconut, butter, salt and spices, bebinca is a real treat! Not to be missed the next time you are in Goa! Available in any local bakery or a grocery shop.

I was googling for more images and found this with a complete recipe here @ Food Lorists
Let me know if you bake & make it!


dj hanjabam said... [Reply]

you have to have the freshly made ones which you get in few bakery shops.....we bumped into a nice small cafe in panjim, it was yummy, not like the packed ones but we had to flush our mouth with expresso was in some street...couldnt locate it later...but fresh ones are the best..

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

I completely agree DJ! :)