Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chart 1 for Akshay

Akshay Joshi, St. Joseph's High School, Std I-A, is my cute little neighbor. For his craft class teacher gives 2 projects per week. This weeks first project was 'cereals'! Akshay's mom had too much of workload so she said, "Aarti, will you please do this for me?!". She says, the marks are for the mothers!! <:D> No student does it, it's all the mommy's home-work!

Why are students given projects which they themselves cannot do??
I remember, my mom did some clay fruits/vegetables for me during my primary school! Why such difficult crafts.

Well, anyways...! It was so much fun doing this and the next day Akshay was flaunting all over the apartment that "look this is my chart!" :)
And my excitement for the next chart was building up :D


Kari said... [Reply]

Akshay is so cute! I had to laugh when I read that it's mommy's homework, I remember staying up nights finishing projects for my girls, the teacher must have known that those kids couldn't do it--I think they like giving the parents the work!! Love your embroidered textiles!

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

Thanks Kari for stopping by! :)