Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kolhapuri Chappals

Kolhapur is my grand-parents place and I have been there 101 times. Since childhood I've enjoyed wearing the well known handmade Kolhapuri leather chappals. Many times I have shot these chappals, but I always shot them in the evening and hence the pictures were never good to post. But this time I went to the market of Chambar Galli during the day time and got some unshaken and focused pictures which make this post.
Natural palette

I like the natural palette these chappals make. Inspired from the color and design patterns made on the chappals, a superb collection of home textiles can come up! (my next inspiration ;)
Over the years, Kolhapuri chappals have taken various turns in terms of design and look. But I always have loved the very basic and traditional looking chappals and especially I love the red pom-pom (gonda in marathi). Now-a-days the chappals are made without the gonda, but whenever I buy, I insist to put a gonda for me! It looks more authentic :)

The traditional chappal with the gonda (pom-pom)

Fancy and modern Kolhapuri

Kolhapurai chappals are available in Mumbai and other places, but a very few of them are authentic. Regular chappals are also sold as Kolhapuri.. so one who doesn't know how and what they are might buy something else but Kolhapuri!

Jaya Jaitley has written a beautiful chapter on Kolhapuri chappals and its craft-persons in her book 'Vishwakarma's Childern'. A must read book for those who keep interest in Indian crafts.

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