Monday, November 8, 2010

Macrame Bag

I love bags! And old bags; I love them even more!!
Recently found this macrame bag which my mom knotted 30 years ago, before her marriage. It has just faded color from bright green to a dull yellow. But its knots are still intact and firm.

Mom is expert in embroidery! She has beautifully embroidered many things,but all before her marriage! <"sigh"> I'm sure I have got my design and textile genes from her :) Moreover, my grand-mom was a super expert in embroidery, macrame, quilting, knitting, stitching and what not. And more importantly, she consistently continued it after her marriage! I have some textile pieces which she has made, will post them some day.

As of now, I'm going to flaunt this bag all around. And I like when people ask me when I carry some out-fashioned old bags, similarly when I carry the Solapur bag!!! :)