Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tatte Idli

I love all south Indian food. Idlis are common. We make it at home. Button idlis are also somewhat common. These are small and coin sized, hence called button idlis. What about tatte idlis? Not common! Right?!!

'Tatte' is 'plate' in kannada. And these idlis are called tatte idlis because they are as big as a small plate and are made in plate size molds.
A tatte idli is double the size of a vada. Here the vada itself is bigger than the regular size :)
Idli being a south Indian dish, I'm not sure whether tatte idlis are common there. I have had many idlis and many varieties of them at many places in the south of India, but found these for the first time! Visually different but yummy to taste, provided you like street food! *(I love it)*

TUMKUR TATTE IDLI CORNER, near KLE campus in Belgaum, as the name suggests makes no other but only tatte idlis. The menu is limited with tatte idli-vada, double tatte idli, double vada and masala dosa for Rs 20/- each served with unlimited coconut chutney and sambar.
Tumkur is a place in Karnataka. I guess the owner hails from there and thence the name. Did not get a chance to talk to the people there as everyone was busy serving on the Sunday morning. Crowded on all days and super crowded on Sundays, Tumkur tatti idli corner is a very famous idli corner in Belgaum.
It is a no smoking zone with self service and walls decorated with divine images and ceilings with colorful paper garlands! I had one tatte idli-vada as my Sunday morning breakfast. If I would have had a double tatte idli, I'm sure I would have had to skip lunch for the day ;)
Captured a south Indian man dressed in typical south Indian attire of mundu and a shirt having double tatte idli!
The next time you are in Belgaum, Thumkur Tatte Idli Corner - a must visit place for Sunday breakfast!

PS: Tatte idli molds are available in Belgaum market. I got one for myself :)


Anu said... [Reply]

idli lover that i am, i have had lots of varieties of idlis, but this one i have never tried... have heard about it, though, but have never seen it!

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

Isn't the visual very exciting?!! :)

AswathiBabu said... [Reply]

I had tasted it in a small cafe near kanakapura, but I was not aware of its name.

Aarti Badamikar said... [Reply]

Tatte idli, isn't it a nice name :)